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Is your body ready for fall yardwork?

Oct 01, 2018

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Is your body ready for fall yardwork? 

Prevent unnecessary pain by keeping your body at its BEST. A day outside prepping for winter doesn’t have to end with you on the couch recovering. 


Before you reach for your rake this fall follow these easy tips……

  • Drink extra water and extra high quality nutritious calories – to support energy and muscle recovery
  • Wear gloves – improve grip and prevent poor form that could lead to wrist, elbow, shoulder & back pain
  • Scissor stance – remember to reverse sides as you are raking to avoid low back strain
  • Good posture – stand straight, shoulders back and recruit ALL muscles
  • Proper form for bending – bend at the knees not the waist
  • Get adjusted!
  • Stretch – be sure to stretch both before and after your work


Chiropractic care keeps your body functioning at its best! Preventative chiropractic care gives your body the advantage it needs to tackle fall yardwork chores. Proper alignment of your spine allows your nervous system to function at a higher level.


Click the link below for easy to follow stretches to do after your work is done to cooldown your muscles!


Enjoy fall!

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