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B!RTHF!T -For all Transitions of Motherhood

Sep 04, 2018

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What is B!RTHF!T?

  • Birthfit is a movement.
  • Birthfit is a well-rounded approach to addressing the demands of a mother by following the four pillars.
  • Birthfit is a team made up of practitioners, educators, chiropractors, coaches, nutritionists, men and women supporting each other.


To functionally prepare a woman’s body throughout the transitions of motherhood.


To gain a healthy relationship with food rich in nutrients from a large variety of sources for nourishment through the female cycle.


To create a structural and neurological balance creating greater function and communication through all systems of the body.


To create a space of power to embrace a greater perspective to make decisions from a place of love rather than fear.

Visit for more information on the online programs offered by Birthfit.

 Who is B!RTHF!T for?

  • Someone thinking about becoming pregnant

Prepare your body for pregnancy through chiropractic care, nutrition, fitness and mindset designed with pregnancy in mind.

  • Women who are currently pregnant

Get through pregnancy with confidence, intention, and preparation.

  • Postpartum women

Postpartum is forever. Recover your body through the four pillars of Birthfit to live your best life.

In our office we are starting #MOMSTRONG which is an introduction to the four pillars of Birthfit. We will cover each of the four pillars at each 1 hour class. Learning functional progression techniques to enhance core stability, gaining insight into the importance of mindset, sharing how chiropractic gives you an advantage and discussing the benefits of good nutrition.








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