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Essential Oils for Back to School

Sep 27, 2018

Essential Oils for Back to School

Transitioning back to school is not always an easy process. It can be hard for children to go from a relaxed to strict routine, with less activity throughout the day. Weather changes can bring on mood changes and waves of cold and flu. If the start of the school year includes lack of concentration, or recurrent colds, read on for some essential oils that may benefit your family!

Concentration- if your child has problems staying focused, some of the best oils to use include:





*Doterra “InTune”blend


Anxiety/Stress - with increased workload and changes in schedule, some oils to combat anxiety include:



* Doterra ”Balance” grounding blend


Immune support - ward off cold and flu symptoms with the help of these oil blends:

*Doterra ”OnGuard” antibacterial and antiviral blend

*Doterra ”Breathe” blend for clear airways and relief of respiratory symptoms


Essential oils are a natural way to help keep your family happy and healthy during the back to school transition. Ask your chiropractor if you have questions or concerns about specific oils or blends!


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