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What's up with Collagen?

Dec 05, 2018


First and foremost collagen is the most abundant protein found throughout the body. Mainly in connective tissues, muscles, tendons, skin, and bones.


Fun Fact:   Gram for Gram Type 1 Collagen is stronger than steel!


 What does it do?

→ Increases strength and elasticity of body tissues
→ Supports our body by providing numerous key amino acids in high concentrations that are hard to rival in just what you eat
→ Replenishes broken down collagen from diets high in sugar, smoking, UV exposure, autoimmune disorders and aging.


Why do you need it?

→ Helps in healing by rebuilding tissue, preventing premature breakdown of tissue and even protecting against bone and joint degenerative diseases
→ Improves sleep - Amino acids like Glycine contribute to improving the occasional sleeplessness or fatigue when supplemented at night.
→ Supports thyroid health – Glycine and proline boost thyroid production by boosting thyroid hormone conversion when improving the body’s ability to utilize T3.


How do you choose the right one?

→ Hydrolyzed collagen ( also called collagen hydrolysate) over bone broth

→ Choose from organic and/or grass-fed cows or sustainably sourced seafood
→ Pure collagen should be colorless when mixed with water and virtually tasteless.


Add a scoop to your favorite coffee or juice tomorrow morning and start your body on a path of rebuilding!


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